Window Films, Nano-Ceramic, IR & UV Rejection


COATING SUISSE GmbH, delivers high-quality, nanoscaled, pre-coated, self-adhesive films for direct use 

  • Worldwide leading TSER Performance through latest nanotechnology
  • More visibility through reduction of excessive sunlight
  • Up to 99 % IR rejection from 950 -1400 nm
  • Up to 30-40 % thermal energy / radiation rejection
  • Up to 100% protection against harmful UV light
  • Wide range of VLTs (visible light transmission)
  • Nano ceramic and metallized ready to use films
  • Protection against splinters in case of glass-breakage and privacy films
  • Ready to use films for the automotive industry


Glass facades in the industrial sector, industrial and office high-rises, private real estate, motor vehicles, electrical commercial vehicles, planes and railway equipment, highly profitable application possibilities are everywhere to relieve operating costs for expensive and polluting air conditioning systems or to deny the access for harmful UV rays.

Nano ceramic coated films contribute to professional privacy protection in one direction and transparency in the other direction. Special coatings prevent splinters in the event of glass breakage.

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