CS AGSOL Antibacterial & Photocatalytic Additive


AGSOL 2111 and AGSOL 5000 are stable dispersions based on titanium dioxide / silver complexes cluster; as an additive for water-based dispersion paints.

AGSOL CS-2111 is an additive with 250 ppm stabilized silver and CSAGSOL 5000 is an additive with 500 ppm stabilized silver.

CS AGSOL has no pollutant emissions and therefore is perfectly suited for protection against microbial attack and as an additive in water-based emulsion paints. An additive of 5 – 10% AGSOL in an interior wall paint contributes to preventing or reducing microbiological bacterial count of log 3-4 (99.99%). (see also Test Certificates PDF).

The photocatalytically and antimicrobially active Nano Anatase Titandioxid with a particle size of about 10 nm obtaines super-hydrophilicity after drying. Therefore dust particles are easily washed away by rain in the outdoor area and the surface remains active!

Outside the dry layer has also excellent photocatalytic properties under optimal sunlight (photons). Organic compounds are usually split into water and carbon dioxide.

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