NSW Nano Silver Wires Electrically Conductive Coatings, Inks and finished films, TCF



NSW, nano silver wires are a greyish powder that can be dispersed in various solvents (water, ethanol, isopropanol) in order to produce colloidal suspensions. The diameter of these nano-silver wires are produced and controlled in the nanometer range typically from about 10 nanometers (nm) to several 100 nanometers. The lengths of these nano-silver wires may be 10 micrometers, depending on the conditions of the preparation.

COATING SUISSE GmbH supplies various products based on nano-silver particles and nano-silver wires from production, controlled in terms of technology process: from raw materials, intermediate to the finished product.

Coating Suisse GmbH nano-silver inkjet inks can be customised prepared for use in flexible printed circuit boards, circuits, RFID or by inkjet printed circuits.

Coating Suisse GmbH provides high electrical conductivity 60 (Ω), transparent films with different conductivity for diverse applications:

  • Transparent, sensors, flexible sensor buttons
  • Transparent, heaters, washers, optoelectronics
  • Transparent defrosters, solar cells
  • Transparent tactile surfaces, touch screens, TV, Mobile Phone
  • Transparent EMC shielding
  • Substitute for ITO films


For customized NANO-SILVER conductive inkjet printing ink, we have to know below basic information from our customers:

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