Industry 4.0

In the era of industry 4.0 surfaces get new and specific tasks, but it is possible only with the development of nano particulate pigments. These new modern coatings are multifunctional and digitize the paint & ink manufacturer to other basic principles. COATING SUISSE develops coatings and dispersions which give surfaces specific functional properties with high efficiency. Whether it is a based on nano silver, highly transparent, tactile, or electrically conductive heating foil, or a nanostructured formulation for dispersion paints in order to protect against microbiological attack (mould), it plays for us an essential role. These objects we take as seriously as process-oriented tasks of developing new paint-based heating systems in order to save weight in the modern aircraft manufacture or to ensure the all-round heat in the manufacture of cars with lacquer-based surface heating elements. Heat-resistant coatings, infrared absorbing coatings, nano pigmented coatings or dispersions offer both economical and ecological advantages. The competitive situation on the markets is constantly changing. Companies must react quickly in order not to jeopardize their positions. Thanks to digital networking of the continents the competition has every chance to redefine markets with disruptive approaches. Coating Suisse Ltd is perfectly involved in the international network and is permanently on new materials in and out of the international network.

We develop functional coatings and dispersions for:

  • Tactile surfaces, TCF, OLED, LED
  • Heated surfaces
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Infrared (IR) absorbing surfaces
  • Infrared radiant surfaces
  • Automotive & Aviation
  • Metal- & construction & glass coatings
  • Added value for our customers
  • Schneller’s Go to Market
  • Competitive advantages of our customers
  • Completely new technological concepts


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    Questions about the topic?

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