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 Welcome to Coating Suisse Ltd.

The Coating Suisse GmbH develops and supplies ultra-modern, functional High Tech Coatings, High Tech intermediate products and for this necessary knowledge!

The Coating Suisse GmbH specializes in the development and distribution of functional high-tech coatings and paint systems. This applies to our own developments as well as to those represented by High Tech Coatings from international developments. The aim is to provide, inter alia, on the basis of nanotechnology coatings and intermediate products, heat absorbing, transparent or non-transparent heat-generating or active anti-microbiological applications.

At your request we develop your special, environmentally relevant paint system with specific surface properties.


COATING SUISSE will provide you with high-quality services based on the gained in international networks experience. Thus we create security, trust, and perfect products and so have satisfied customers.

COATING SUISSE is increasingly successful in the fields of:

Functional modification of surfaces
International Research & Development & Consulting
International Procurement of chemical specialties
Nanotechnology, Project Management, Engineering
Project Management & Business Development at group level.

Coating Suisse Ltd. is LEAN, flat and cost-effective in its infrastructure. Our development groups, partners and sourcing offices in Europe, the USA and Asia operate professionally and efficiently.


COATING SUISSE will not let you and your engineers with their excellent ideas alone. On the contrary, COATING SUISSE is a strong member of a technological network with ambitious targets. To make the impossible possible, to produce demand-oriented surfaces and thereby to achieve economic success together with our customers are our primary goals!!!

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Realize your presentation features with new high-tech products in your portfolio. Improve strategic coordinates of your company with visionary foresight, high quality standards and collaboration with scientists and engineers of COATING SUISSE, teamwork and cooperation pay off, also on an industrial scale.

We look forward to your email, your call or your visit. All coordinates are at your disposal, you are always welcome!

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    Questions about the topic?

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