Expert’s reports for sustainable protection against mould

COATING SUISSE GmbH would furnish on your request scientifically and technologically based expert’s report.

We welcome both private customers as well as industrial customers. The basic experience parameters are identical and lead in every case to the goal!

COATING SUISSE GmbH reports contain in addition to the clarification of the causes, proposals and measures a catalog for a sustainable and cost-relevant, affordable eliminating of microbiological germ and mould problems.

Contents of an expert’s report may be:

  • Description of the entire project background in detail
  • Geometric description of the project scope
  • Pictures / drawings of building plans
  • IST situation as a pictorial representation of the on-site visit results
  • Factual representation of the inclusion of local conditions
  • Information from builders requires special attention
  • Cooperating & complementary measures: UVC / UVR
  • Description of significant advantages of the proposed system
  • What benefits the client would get
  • Who is / may be involved in the project
  • What are the relevant processes or systems
  • Are there specific areas to be excluded
  • What is the implementation plan
  • What is the approximate schedule for the high-level re-development
  • Costs recording and estimated total expenses for a re-development

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  • Questions about the topic?

    Questions about the topic?

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