Business areas

COATING SUISSE GmbH is active worldwide in several business areas, as follows:



Research and development of functional high-tech coatings

Coating Suisse carries out the development, manufacture and distribution of coating systems for the industrial production of various specific surface properties at the customer’s request and in accordance with his specifications. Aim is high final developments. Use the contact Questionsand let us know what you need. We will respond immediately with the concrete information. 



Technology Consulting

Coating Suisse offers interim engineering as a service (see also Consulting). In this way, the customer manages to achieve the project goal within the framework of pre-defined budget. By clicking “Questionsyou can reach us directly without detours.



International Chemical Sourcing

Coating Suisse can look back on 25 years of experience and development work, as well as established partnerships. Coating Suisse is an in-depth partner in the procurement or manufacture of unusual or highly specific – even nanoscale – specialty chemicals. Ask us to contact Questionsand let us know your specifications.

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    Questions about the topic?

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