Heating paints, electrically conductive coatings

COATING SUISSE GmbH, electrically stable, highly conductive, water-based coating.

  • High voltage, operating range 50 – 230 Volt,
  • Low Voltage, operating range 1 – 50 Volt
  • Temperature, operating range -20, + 350 °C
  • Thicknesses of 5- 150 µm
  • Resistance of 20 Ω□ to 2000 Ω□
  • Innovative water-based hybrid polymer coatings
  • Excellent adhesion to all polar plastic substrates PVC to PEEK
  • Highly flexible and smudge resistant
  • Can be laminated (PI) under vacuum, pressure and high temperature

Our latest series (PDF download) of 100% water-based, electrically conductive, carbon conductive coatings is unique and highly energy efficient and used as “surface heating elements” for fast, lossless and extremely direct transfer of heat energy.

Our heating coatings are constantly evolving. The latest series (KH-type) consists of an intelligent composition of newest hybrid polymers, 100% free of organic solvents. By adding the latest additives we were able to increase the conductivity to further 50. The film resistors of our coating systems are electrically stable.

Coating Suisse heating paints are preferably manufactured to heating films on industrial coating systems. The application of such surface heating elements ranges from the underfloor heating, preventing ice and snow formation to “hot-sensing” Management in passenger cars, electric vehicles and train equipment.

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