Coating Suisse GmbH provides you with in-depth information for developing your own products in connection with our High Tech Coatings

Your engineers have an idea for a new revolutionary technology product, in which you will see the application of one or more of our high-tech products. You would like to elaborate the project in order to start it with the greatest possible chance of success and to realize it. This is precisely the moment when you should start cooperating with our engineers for a certain period in the development phase, as many companies had already successfully experienced before. We know our production and know how to deal with it. Ergo, it is not more economical for you to realize your project so success-orientedly and determinedly than to integrate us into the project with the aim of such realization. We charge moderate, common hourly and daily rates, to ensure your project achieves your objectives.


  • Questions about the topic?

    Questions about the topic?

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